How It Works

How StaysOn® Eyewear Works

StaysOn Eyewear is Non-Slip Eyewear! Never lose your glasses again!

These cool sunglasses and readers have a patented technology on the inside frame that acts like a comb grip. When not in use, you simply slide them up onto your head, and these glasses aren’t going anywhere! This non-slip grip is not visible to the public, and never touches the face. This product provides fashion and function in one product!

Finally, a solution to an everyday problem!

Women love it because they are already putting their glasses on their head anyway, so StaysOn Eyewear provides freedom, convenience, and value to the consumer. Most importantly, it works! Enjoy your life without having to worry about your glasses falling off!

Remember with StaysOn Eyewear…No more DROPPING, breaking, or losing your glasses! Whether you’re a busy mom, or a woman attending a concert, golfing, boating, hiking, or any activity, these glasses are staying ON YOU!

How StaysOn Eyewear Works, Benefits at a glance

Benefits At A Glance

  • Original Design: The frame never touches the face or reflects off of the lens.
  • Useful: These Multi Purpose glasses are Fashion First, then Function! So Convenient, just slide up onto your head and they stay in place. Always on You, never lost!
  • Stylish: All glasses are trendy but classic.
  • Value: High quality at an affordable price.
  • Versatility: StaysOn Eyewear just works, it gives you fashion and freedom to wear your glasses with no worry of loss, they Stay On YOU!