About Us


Hello and Welcome to STAYSON® Eyewear. My name is Nancy Oram. My personal story started out of sheer necessity. As an inventor, I had an ‘aha’ moment when I was at a basketball game and my favorite pair of sunglasses fell off my head and were permanently damaged. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to keep my glasses securely on without compromising my personal style, and that’s when STAYSON Eyewear was born.

STAYSON Eyewear is an active lifestyle brand of sunglasses which features a comfort grip technology built right inside of the frame. This innovative design works by simply sliding the glasses up onto your head where they grip securely but gentle on your hair, effectively prevent slipping, damage, or loss. Our customers say that STAYSON glasses are so comfortable, they wear them all day!

Everyone has a story about losing their favorite pair of sunglasses, customers tell me they love STAYSON because they solve a real problem for them, without impacting their personal style. When I started this journey, I told myself that I would only create something that I would buy, so this product was designed with heart and care, knowing that one day it would appeal to the savviest consumers.

STAYSON has been a lifelong dream for me, my story started with an idea that prospered into a successful business. It’s a story of passion and determination through hard work. STAYSON Eyewear is living proof that you can turn YOUR idea into a real product.

Thank you for supporting STAYSON Eyewear, I hope sharing my story inspires YOU to Dream, Create, & Invent!



Founder & CEO